Firm Overview

 Kari Ann’s firm is not your typical law firm.  Not only will Kari Ann focus on giving you legal guidance, but she will also serve as your partner and will help you achieve a desired result for the issue at hand.

 In working with Kari Ann, you will experience the following:

Professionalism and Clear, Timely Communication

 Clients and colleagues of Kari Ann Legg have always been impressed with her ability to communicate complicated concepts in a clear, simple way – both verbally and in writing.  Kari Ann also commits to returning all client telephone calls and emails the same day they are received.

 Large Firm Standards of Quality, Cost Effective Rates

 Kari Ann Legg spent 10 years working in Chicago.  She began her career as a lawyer at Exelon Business Services Company, where she represented the Company and its subsidiaries in labor and employment matters.  Thereafter, Kari Ann spent five years working in large, Chicago law firms.  During her 10 years in Chicago, Kari Ann received high-caliber training.

 Kari Ann continues to provide services that meet or exceed the standards expected from large law firms, and she does so at reasonable rates.  Kari Ann Legg delivers a wide range of legal services for businesses and individuals.  She is able to work at a much more economical price than larger law firms and yet provide the same or a higher quality of service – perfect for individuals, small to midsized businesses, lenders, banks, large businesses and insurance companies.

 Flexible Office Hours to Meet Your Needs

Kari Ann understands individuals and businesses have demanding schedules and that it is not always easy to take time away for business meetings. Kari Ann thus makes night and weekend appointments to meet her clients’ needs. She also is willing to meet at her clients’ locations.

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